You cannot learn enough…

You must have heard most of the people often complaining about their life. How bored they are and they have nothing to do.They often crib about their monotonous schedule. But have you ever asked them, did they try to learn something new.Well the answer would be no.

The main reason would be either they are too lazy to try, or too scared to learn. One of major reason most people stop learning is that they feel its past their age.

Well I need to tell you one thing. Learning never stops,There is no age limit to gain knowledge. This world is like a bottomless vessel full of knowledge. You can never get enough of it. You need to make an effort to discover it. You never know something might interest you and never feel bored again.

It’s almost end of January, I’m pretty sure most pf us wouldn’t have even realised that one month is already gone. I’ll give you a task. Make a list of all the things you are scared of doing. Now add to the list all the things you always wanted to learn but never had the courage or chance to do. Voila, you have a to do list for this year. Do one thing from the list every month. By the end of this year, you would have done eleven things that you could have only imagined of accomplishing one year back.

Challenge yourself, set goals, finish them and the immense pride you would feel after accomplishing them is indescribable. Trust me you won’t feel bored again .

Make the list and get ready to dive in the pool of knowledge.